The Berklee Sampling Archive – Student Assistants

Colman O'Reilly & Diane Douglas

Colman O'Reilly is an aspiring composer and audio-programmer studying at the Berklee College of Music. A classically trained pianist since the age of 7, Colman found his voice in the guitar. In an effort to better himself as a musician, he enrolled at Berklee, and began his studies.

While at Berklee, Colman has studied with exceptional musicians - most notably Brian Transeau and Dr. Richard Boulanger. Both men radically changed the way he approached making music - and through them he learned that the future of music lies in the study of "electronic-music."

Diane Douglas spent the first 12 years of her life in Vancouver, B.C. and then moved to Berkeley, CA where she pursued mathematics and music through high school. Currently, she is trying to combine the two by studying music synthesis at Berklee College of Music. Also, she plays guitar, piano and sings in two bands:

Generation Rx


Death of the Sun